I would lay in bed at night and daydream for hours, imagining fulfilling my dream which would be to become a professional football player and I was very fortunate that this dream came true. However, it was over just as it got started and this is where my life really began. I have also been to places I would never want to go back to, the total opposite of a dream. It felt like my worst nightmare at the time, yet this was where I would develop the strength, the courage and the character to get up off the floor and go again.

I am not here to just take up a space, I am here to make a difference. I want my children to look at me with pride, thinking “That’s my Dad...". Once we find what we love, what our purpose is, what we are passionate about and a way to contribute, it is beautiful. Everything becomes clearer, the clouds make way and the light appears.

I now dedicate my life to inspiring others to achieve their greatness. My passion is firmly in helping people go from where they are now, to where they want to be. I focus on motivating and inspiring people to find their personal identity, passions and purpose.