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This programme has been built upon a dream to Inspire the Next Generation to believe they can achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. We work in partnership with teachers and parents to demonstrate how children’s ambitions can be embraced.

We show young people how to dream, how to develop self-belief and then how to take action. Our specially designed programme allows children to dream again and develop resilience when faced with adversity. We help them understand who they are, what they stand for and who they want to become.

For our next generation to fulfil their potential, we feel it is essential they invest time and effort in their education, continuing to work towards the results needed to take them to their end goal.

We inspire, motivate and encourage children to see the end goal, then realise the importance of achieving their grades to take them into further education; giving them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Download our Inspiring the Next Generation booklet for more information.

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