Beyond Comprehension

5th December 2022

Sunday afternoon I decided to go find my brother ...

Saturday morning he set off on a 147 mile ultramarathon!

An ultramarathon is any distance over a normal 26.2 mile marathon.

The challenge - 40 hours to complete 147 miles!

I set off, parked the car and waited, as the race was mainly on trail it was about timing to be able to see him cross a road for a few minutes. I managed to see him at mile 130, he had been running for 32 hours non stop. The race began 7.30am Saturday, and you just keep going until you are forced to stop or finish.


I could tell Ronnie wasn’t in the mood for any type of conversation, he was so focused and clearly feeling the effects of the rain, cold and incredibly muddy terrain.

I asked him the worst question, what else do you say… I said “How are you feeling?” he was silent, then responded “Just gotta get it done”.

Ronnie completed the race in 36 hours 16 minutes…


I know I’ve said this and I will say it many more times, this guy nearly died of a stroke in 2019…

I’m truly inspired that no matter what has ever happened to Ronnie, he always makes the best of his situation.

He looks at what he can do, not what he can’t. He accepts he’s not the runner he previously was, but doesn’t allow that to affect his future, he doesn’t live in what he used to be, he lives in what he is, and what he wants to be.