People Are Everything

17th January 2022

A simple photo of a group of people who have something in common…

Welcome to The West London Rams.

Here I want to show yet another example of the power of people.

Connection is everything, something that makes the magic of life be realised. Things, items, are great, but not without connection.

When I mention I play football for a team in London, which is aprox 150 miles each way from my home, I get that look, and comment of…

“Why travel all that way?” A great question, and an easy answer.

The people…

I often share with my clients, friends, family, anyone I work with, the power of finding new circles that will empower you to become more.

Now…This doesn’t mean neglect, change your current circles. Unless it’s needed because it’s detrimental to you, it just means expand your community.

People sometimes say to me “I’ve already got my mates” which is brilliant, doesn’t mean you can’t meet more people. Not everyone will or be a best friend, but something I’ve learned is that one new person you meet, with the right vibe may be the one to help you progress your life or you may be the one they are searching for too.

Meeting new people doesn’t have to be solely to progress your business, I've found it so impactful on my personal life too. Just being around a great vibe brings opportunities in all areas of life.

Feeling good is important, good people are infectious. To make things happen, energy is key.


Since joining the old mans football team, here are just 5 things I’ve benefited from, the list is endless.

1- Become friends with people with similar interests in sport, business, life supporting each other regularly.

2- My manager, friend has now sponsored one of my projects to inspire young people, the kit sponsor has also done the same and now I’m helping him get investment for his business.

3- Interviewed the only event person to go from Prison to a Premier League footballer and now good friends.

4- Spent time with a friend from 25 years ago who also is a team mate once again.

5- Met a world champ boxer, became friends, now speaking at one of my events, someone I would have never of met

If you are sat reading this wondering how to meet new people?

Think of what you are passionate about, something you love to do, talk about, spend time on, look at where you can go, be brave and take the step.

You may go with someone to start with, for a little comfort and support, try not to only spend time with the person you go with, stretch yourself to talk to many new people.

Conversation is the key to living a life with inspiration, people empower, share wisdom, create opportunities, offer encouragement.

People really are powerful beyond measure.

Are you maximising the gift of people? Or are you playing it safe because it’s uncomfortable?

I’d love to hear from you, a story about how you randomly met someone new, at an event, through a friend, wherever, please share away.

I thank you for being apart of this community,