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Appreciation post for a wonderful human being.

“I love your trainers” from applying to a LinkedIn post for a job, to where he is now!!!

This is probably one of the many reasons HOW…

Appreciation post for a wonderful human being.

My good friend @paul_manivannan treated me to a night out to go and see @steven perform his diary of a ceo in Birmingham

Which was off the scale 🔥 everything about it was magic, a world class performance and experience.

As we were in the queue one of the team approached us, asking questions with interest of who we were and what we did.

It simply started by “I love your trainers“

And there was something different & special about this conversation, he was genuinely interested… It wasn’t because he had to, you could just feel he wanted to.

So it’s no surprise as we’ve stayed connected that this top class guy has progressed to the levels he has since I was fortunate to meet him.

So thank you Michael James for making us feel welcome, wanted & inspired, showing us and anyone else you reach, how being a great person is a great life strategy before anything else.

My message today…

Make time for people, we never know the power of the words we share and the difference this may make…


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