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Journey to Empowerment: A Day Connecting Education With Opportunity In Aberdeen

In the bustling corridors of an Aberdeen school, nestled among Scotland’s most deprived postcodes, a story unfolded. A remarkable story that speaks volumes to educators and administrators across the UK and beyond. Emphasising the power of empowerment, opportunity, and belief in education.

I remember walking into the school, acutely aware of the myriad of challenges these young students faced. Challenges that made the things we often take for granted seem like distant luxuries. It was a visit born out of a connection with Jordan Ferguson, a friend and entrepreneur I met at an event in London. Our shared passion for empowering the next generation had brought us here to his homeland to make a difference.

The school buzzed with anticipation. It wasn't just another day; it was a day that promised change. We gathered local politicians, entrepreneurs, and community leaders and even attracted media attention, all united by a common goal. To inspire and uplift.

Our mission was simple yet profound: to deliver empowerment sessions to these young minds. The sessions were designed to ignite a spark and to instil a belief in these children that their future was not defined by their postcode.

The older group entered the room with an air of curiosity. Among them was a young man, initially distanced from his peers, sitting alone at the back.

As the room hushed, my focus was not just on delivering empowering stories but on connecting with these young hearts and minds. Midway, I noticed the young man whisper my name, “Luke.” He gestured for me to sit beside him, a simple act, yet it was so profound. Despite his initial unhappiness at being separated, he showed the strength of his character and the kindness within him.

This moment encapsulated the essence of our mission. Here was a young man, facing daily adversities, yet still capable of immense kindness and potential. As I signed him a book at the end of the event, I was struck by his curiosity and the revelation that he spoke three languages. The potential in him and within all the children we met was inspiring.

This experience in Aberdeen is a testament to what we, as educators and administrators, strive for every day - a chance to make a real difference. It reinforces our belief in holistic education, where each child is seen beyond their academic abilities and where their emotional and personal growth is just as important.

Programs like Inspiring The Next Generation are more than just educational tools; they are catalysts for change. They remind us that our role extends beyond teaching; we are here to inspire, empower, and guide. We hold the keys to unlocking not just academic success but also personal growth and self-belief.

The story from Aberdeen is a call to action for all involved in shaping young minds. It’s a reminder that with the right approach, we can help students from all backgrounds realize their potential, overcome barriers, and look toward a future filled with possibilities.

As educators and leaders in education, let’s take inspiration from this story. Let’s continue to champion programs that nurture, empower, and transform. Let’s work together to ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to become everything they are capable of being.

In Aberdeen, we witnessed the beginning of a transformative journey. Let’s make this journey possible for every child.

I want to thank Machar School and their inspirational Head Teacher, Iona Reid for such a wonderful welcome. I also want to extend a special thanks to all who supported the ITNG Aberdeen Project;

Jordan Ferguson -

Barry Marshall -

Scott Golland -

Murray Edward Duguid, Roberto Bellini, and Jack Gordon -

Deena Tissera -

Graeme William McNay -

Ed C Singer -

The people behind the created opportunity and empowerment days

Luke Empowering students in Aberdeen


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